Release History

0.7.0 in CVS Maintenance+Enhancements
0.6.0 2009-08 Maintenance+Enhancements
0.5.0 May 2009 Maintenance+Enhancements
0.4.0 2008-04-20 Maintenance+Enhancements

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Release 0.7.0 - in CVS

add Fixing NPE issue and bad link when there are no commits in a repository. Fixes 1721660. Thanks to David Multer. benoitx
add Inspired by StatCVS-xml, A module mechanism is added to StatCVS whereby it is now possible to define some regular expression to group files into modules and have a dedicated set of statistics per module. benoitx
add The latest commit page will always be called commitlog.html Fixes 2141153. Thanks to David Multer. benoitx
add 2 new command line options: headerUrl and footerUrl the content of which will be incorporated just after opening body or just before the end of body. Fixes 2141221. Thanks to David Multer. benoitx

Release 0.6.0 - 2009-08

add Added javascript to automatically call to reduce the page URL. Cool stuff! Thanks to Jason. benoitx
fix Typo on the -disable-twitter-button help. Thanks to Simon Josefsson. benoitx
fix The viewvc links no longer worked. Thanks to Simon Josefsson. benoitx
add Improved the ant task to support the ConfigFile and disableTwitterButton options. benoitx
add Dramatically reducing the amount of memory required to run StatCVS (up to a 10x factor for some repo). benoitx

Release 0.5.0 - May 2009

add Add charset option. benoitx
add Added suggestion fo r a 12m rolling Developers report. Thanks to Muhammed Nasrullah. benoitx
add A bit of fun, added links to Twitter. In the file defining the user, See manual benoitx
add Charts are now configurable, See manual benoitx
add Add ability to MERGE 2 users through the config-file user.[userName ] .replacedBy=[newUserName ] benoitx
add Add Cloud Tag based on most frequent words in the commit comments. benoitx
add Add Ability to put a background image in the Plot or entire chart. benoitx

Release 0.4.0 - 2008-04-20

add Applied patch for [ 1639462 ] Added TRAC Support. Fixes 1639462. Thanks to Jean-Francois Burdet. benoitx
add Any http:// or https:// or www. in the comments will be treated as a link. benoitx
fix Applied patch for [ 1757394 ] Do not lump C++ .C,.H files in "Others". Fixes 1757394. Thanks to Richard Quirk. benoitx
fix [ 1799499 ] LOCChartMaker NullPointerException. Applied suggested workaround from Shamil. Fixes 1799499. Thanks to Shamil Bikineyev. benoitx
fix Applied patch to StatCVS to avoid divide by zero issue (patch returns NaN if attempted to divide by 0). Fixes 1725844. Thanks to Jan Dockx. benoitx
update The RepoMap and LOCChurn reports have been promoted to StatCVS and hence, removed from the StatSVN source tree. benoitx
fix Applied patch to StatCVS to add Revision number on commit page. Fixes 1839303. Thanks to Martin Majlis. benoitx